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Student Testimonials

TM 204 – Management of R&D

“I enjoyed this class as it is not the typical management course usually found in several business schools.  It essentially tells you that not everyone is the same and therefore tailor-fit management techniques should be applied to certain individuals particularly to R&D and technology sector personnel.”

– Ricky Ramos

TM 206 – Technology Marketing and Commercialization

“This for me is an example of going beyond theories. The extensive projects for this class exposed me to marketing and commercialization activities which included a detailed industry analysis and company profiling. I specially appreciated the knowledge I got from applying the lessons learned and creating an actual technology marketing plan.”

– Ralph Mandingiado

TM 241 – Technology Acquisition and Assimilation

“Taking this course under Dr. Posadas inspired me to view innovation as a tool for nation-building. I learned how forward-looking countries undertook technological catch-up that have made them economic powerhouses today. More than learning the lessons, this course makes one dream of a better Philippines.”

– Stephen Michael Co

TM 251 – Technology-Based Entrepreneurship

“Technology entrepreneurship has helped me realize the entrepreneur inside of me. The combination of technology and entrepreneurship is a promising tool of success if one aspires to venture into business.”

– Cheena Pagkaliwangan

TM 225 – Total Quality Management

“TQM is a prime-mover in the quest for total customer satisfaction at the semiconductor industry.  With the knowledge gained at TMC’s TQM, I became more equipped with tools and practical approaches in addressing our company’s own TQM program.  There is a very good connect between what the academe teaches, and what the industry practices!”

– Anjo Mines

TM 291 – Management of Technology Programs and Projects

“Project Management is a skill essential for today’s technology manager. This class helped me understand some vague concepts and clarified processes that are relevant to my work as a Project Manager in my organization. Ma’am Zamora’s handling of the course is practical, results driven and best of all, simple enough such that we can start practicing the techniques of effective project management right away.”

– Bianca Alvarez

TM 298 – Special Topics in Technology Management: Knowledge Management

“The subject paved the way for me to create Policies and Plans for a Unified Management System for our office. The lessons were helpful and became my knight in shinning armor when I face a road block.  Also, the professor supported the project by being available for consultations and give pointers on how to do the system.”

– Mae Calag