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Program Rules


The maximum residency period for the completion of all requirements for the MTM program is five (5) years. The counting period of residency shall start from the student’s first enrollment in  a graduate course after admission into the program, and shall include all leaves of absences from the program.

If there were graduate courses taken by the student prior to his/her admission to the program and credited to his/her course requirements* then the maximum residence shall be reduced by one (1) semester for every nine (9) units of transferred credits or a fraction thereof.

*This is subject to the recommendation of the Graduate Committee


Subject to the recommendation of the Graduate Committee, graduate courses taken by the student under another program of the University of the Philippines may be transferred for credit to his/her course requirements for the MTM degree, provided that:

  1. These courses were taken within the last five (5) years prior to the student’s admission to the program.
  2. These courses have not been credited to a degree previously obtained by the student.
  3. These courses are relevant to the graduate programs in Technology Management.


A leave of absence (LOA) must be sought through a written petition to the UPTMC Director. The petition must state the reason for which the leave is desired, and the period of the leave, which should not exceed one year. The student should attach a proposed program of study to follow upon resumption of the student’s course work.

Leaves of absences do not extend the residency limit within which a student must complete the degree requirements.


Application for Graduation

After the student passes the Comprehensive Examination and completes all other academic requirements of his/her program, he/she shall be qualified to apply for graduation at the University Registrar through the UPTMC Graduate Office.

Conferment of the Degree

After the graduation of the student shall have been recommended by the UPTMC Faculty Affiliates and the UPTMC Coordinating Council, endorsed by the University Council, and approved by the U.P. Board of Regents, he/she shall be officially conferred the Degree of Master of Technology Management by the U.P. President during university organized commencement exercises.