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The TMC faculty affiliates conduct research and engage in consulting activities that address various Technology Management issues.

TMC is credited with 16 accomplished research studies and publications, foremost of which (in addition to the Conference publication) are the two published research studies for the NEDA, entitled, “Restructuring Philippine Industries Toward the 21st Century” and “Science and Technology Forecasting“.

The following are the accomplishments of the TMC in research and publications:

Training Program Remarks
Science and Technology Forecasting Completed in December 1997; Research Project for the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) – published by NEDA.
Restructuring Philippine Industries Toward the 21st Century Completed in February 1998; Research Project for the NEDA – published by NEDA.
Managing Technology for Global Competitiveness: The Philippine Experience Completed in February 2000; Publication Project for the DOST – published by DOST and the UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies (UP-CIDS).
Inventory of Filipino Inventions on Environmental Technologies September 1998; Research Project for the UP-CIDS
Economic and Political Impacts of Currency Depreciation: Scenario-Building February 1998; Research Project for the National Power Corporation.
DOST Project to Establish Virtual Centers for Technological Innovation: Selecting Academic Institutions With Potential to Become VCTI Participants October 1999; Sub-Study Research Project for the DOST.
Statistical Analysis and Evaluation of the 2000 National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) Activities of the DOST March 2001; Project Study for the DOST
Technology Management Education and Training in the Philippines By Dr. Elvira Zamora – published in the book entitled “Technology Management Education and Training for Developing Countries” by ESCAP
An Assessment of market Statistics in the Philippine Retail Trade Industry By Dr. Epictetus Patalinghug
Beyond 2000: Assessment of the Economy and Policy Recommendations – Social Sector Dealing With Technology Policy By Dr. Jose Magpantay
An Assessment of OSW Energy Technologies By Dr. Roger Posadas and Dr. Jose Magpantay
A Framework for Identifying the Indicators for the Impact Simulation of the GAINEX Program By Dr. Epictetus Patalinghug
An Institutional Analysis of R&D Expenditures in the Pubilc and Private Sectors By Dr. Epictetus Patalinghug
Science and Technology in Southeast Asia: Status and Prospects By Dr. Roger Posadas

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