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Master of Technology Management (MTM) Overview

Master of Technology Management (MTM) is an interdisciplinary graduate program that empowers inventors, scientists, engineers, technologists, and technopreneurs with management skills to broaden their perspectives in terms of the technology and its context in the company, the industry, the market, and the country.

Technology Management has been defined as:

“Management of Technology links engineering, science and management disciplines to plan, to develop, and to implement technological capabilities to shape and accomplish the strategic and operational goals of an organization.”
– U.S. National Research Council (1987)“Technology management addresses the effective identification, selection, acquisition, development, exploitation, and protection of technologies needed to maintain a market position and business performance in accordance with the company’s objective.”

– European Institute of Technology Management (EITM)“Management of Technology is the art & science in creating value by using technology together with other resources of an organization.”– Hans J. Thamhain (2005)“A field of knowledge concerned w/ the setting & implementation of policies to deal w/ technological development & utilization, & the impact of technology on society, organizations, individuals, & nature. It aims to stimulate innovation, create economic growth, & to foster responsible use of technology for the benefit of human-kind.”

– Tarek Khalil (2000)